Diners & Drive-Ins TV Unofficial Guide App Reviews

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Videos copyrighted

Videos links do not work. Always get the same message: "Diners, Drive-ins, and Di..." This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Scripps Networks Interactive, Inc.. Not Ipad sized!!

Traveling Foodberries

Use this app all the time when we go on road trips and hunt for DDD sites

Great idea poor code writing

This has great idea written all over it. Unfortunately crashes within one second of opening. Fix that and will review again.

Update crashed

Latest update crashed and on constant install

Best app ever

I travel for work, and am often in unfamiliar cities - and this app is a lifesaver! Instead of hitting the typical chain, I know that every restaurant on this app is awesome. Love this - literally the only app I cannot live without! Thank you!!

Great way to find good restaurants.

As a frequent traveler, this is the first app I open when I walk out of the airport. Well organized and frequently updated.

Fun app

This is a really fun app to use. I wish it also incorporated a checklist to check off the restaurants you have been to.

DDD app gets it

I like the map feature and that you can easily watch the episode.


Great app once awhile it shuts down.but overall it helps fine restaurants that are not a chain .


Love the show, some of us have been wanting to take some road trips based on triple D restaurants. The app is ok if what you are looking for is a restaurant....but I can google maps that. I want more association in the summary specific to each restaurant. There is no reference to "what" was featured on the show - out of all the VA listings, I think only 3 had recipe connections. The latter is less important as the actual featured dish on the show.....to bad, wish I didnt waste the .99.

Bored with chain restaurants!

I travel all over the US for work and this has become my GoTo app! I hate going to the same old chain restaurants and with this app I can always find something interesting with some local flavor.

Guide to road trips!

This app makes traveling more! Find Guys faves on your route!

Great App

Triple "D" is a great show and I watch it all the time, keeping track of all the places I think I might eventually visit but with this app I dont have to do that anymore. If you like triple "D" youll like this App


Works for me. I use the map the most.


Love this app

Love it!

I do a lot of traveling and this app helps me find all those places I want to try. Used to be buggy, but now it works pretty great! Highly recommend!

Great Travel Planner

This is my most used app when traveling. Havent been to a bad restaurant yet, plus prices are usually so reasonable in these places. Now my husband and I plan our trips using this app as a guide. Would like a way to mark all the places weve been, not just the "Favorite" button. Theyre not all my favorite, only some. Wish we could track where weve been and our favorites separately. This app would be a steal at twice the price!

Im Hooked

If youre a fan of DDD, then this is a must have. Works as advertised. Developer wants to improve the app and asked for input. I found one bug in the data and notified the developer and within less than 24 hours they had responded and fixed it and let me know. Im on board the Flavor Train!

Love it

This is one great app. Very user friendly


This is awesome! Helped greatly on our road trip cross country!

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